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MillCreek Soy Kits
Available in Candle, Body & Bear


Would you like to try your hand at candle making?  How about a great gift for that crafty person. Even the not-so-crafty person will have a great time making these complete kits!

MillCreek's 100% Soy Wax Candle Kit

Soy candle kit includes everything needed to make three 16oz (12-sided glass jars with gold twist lids) candles including: 100% soy wax, wicks, wick stickers, safety labels, your choice of three fragrance oils, and complete instructions with helpful hints. You will even have enough soy wax and fragrance oil left to make a few soy tarts. Complete instructions iMillCreek Soy Wax Candle Kitncluded. For a quick how-to, see our 'How to Make' link at left.

  • Three Pounds MillCreek 100% Soy Wax
  • Three 16 ounce 12-sided Glass Jars with one piece gold twist lids
  • Your choice of three Fragrance Oils , 2 oz. size
  • Three 62-52-18C wicks, three wick stickers, three candle warning labels
  • Complete Instructions 
Fragrance 1

Fragrance 2

Fragrance 3

Price $29.95                                                     

MillCreek Dipped Bear Kit

Scented dipped bears are the newest rage in the world of wax! Dipped Bears are used as room air fresheners and should be placed on a non-staining surface, such as a plate, to protect furniture. Enjoy the scent each time you walk into the room. These bears are great when a burning candle cannot be used.

MillCreek Dipped Bear Kit contains enough supplies to create three completed dipped bears.  Kit includes: 3 small bears (colors may vary depending on in stock items), 3 pounds soy wax, 1/4 pound beeswax, Three fragrance oils (2 oz. size) of your choice, three cellophane bags and complete instructions.
1 Fragrances

2 Fragrance

3 Fragrance

Price $29.95


MillCreek Soy Bath & Body Kits

Great gift idea and a great way to experiment with MillCreek Soy Bases.  Each kit contains your choice of one gallon MillCreek Soy Base, Three 2-ounce fragrance oils of your choice, one dozen 4 ounce clear bottles with natural closures (picture of bottles on the Bath and Body heavy-duty reusable gallon pump and complete instructions.
One gallon of MillCreek Soy base will make approximately thirty-two 4 ounce bottles.
MillCreek Soy Bases to choose from:

Soy Hand & Body Soap  OR
Soy Body/Linen Spray with one dozen spray top lids


Fragrance 1

Fragrance 2

Fragrance 3

Price $39.99